Here’s a story: Someone is out of the office for the day, production is overwhelmed and you finally have the equipment that needs to be tuned up, but now you have half the time you had scheduled for the job. On top of that, the spare parts are not arrived yet. Does that ring a bell?

It’s bad that many maintenance team rely on systems that are too complex to manage simple day-to-day situations like this, but it’s even worse that these teams think there’s no better way to do it.
Editing schedules should be simple for a maintenance planner. Changing a task using “drag and drop” features in a user-friendly interface should be available for all maintenance crews. Your maintenance software probably doesn’t let you do this, but Smart Planner TM does.

Smart Planner from COGEP is available for any ERP as an add-on module. Contact us for a free demo.
Eric Van Hove, Product Specialist, COGEP inc.