Guide Ti is Easy To Use

Learning to use Guide Ti is intuitive thanks to Smart Links features.

Data entry screens and reporting tools are designed to resemble features familiar to users of Microsoft products. In addition, with its advanced database structure and Smart CompleteTM, Guide Ti automatically populates some fields. At any time, you can preconfigure relationships between individuals, tasks, and services in user profiles.

« Guide Ti offers flexibility that permits it to adapt easily to our needs and different types of users. Numerous links allow users to quickly find the information they’re searching for. »
– Christine Sigmen,
Engineer, Project leader, Marmen


Guide Ti offers a hierarchical structure of equipment

Look for the equipment from the machine to the bolts!


A dashboard to maintain control

The Home page can be customized and configured to display strategic information used in decision making.

  • A real-time audit of installations: for maintenance optimization.
  • Customized desktop.
  • Performance indicators.
  • Storage of display parameters and application criteria for each indicator.
  • Trend indicators.
  • Budget indicators.
  • Management alarms.
  • Identification and correction of problems.
  • Message centre (memos).

Note: All of these parameters are obtained through drilling (an automatic process).

Advanced security and access management

You can customize access to information in Guide Ti.

  • Access to information, work screens and features can be controlled by access codes.
  • Access to operations carried out by users at an earlier date.
  • Access can be restricted by site and access to the equipment “tree structure” can be restricted.
  • Users can manage their customized menus (Favorites).
  • Access to various work order forms based on profile.


Simplify day-to-day work

  • Access to multiple screens during a single session.
  • High-performance multi-user system.
  • Designed to efficiently manage thousands of work orders per week.
  • Management, planning and organization:
    • equipment
    • work orders
    • work
    • human resources and physical resources
    • inventory and purchases (part record)
    • purchase requisitions and purchase orders
  • Procurement statistics.
  • Transaction management via bar codes.
  • Compatibility with other software solutions.
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft® technologies.
  • Continuous development of software functions and capabilities.
  • Integrated Web screens.
  • Automatic update process.
  • Control over a custom dictionary for company-specific vocabulary.
  • Quick start manual.
  • Semi-automatic entry function.
  • Desktop can be customized by trade group or by individual user using the “My Guide Ti” menu.
  • Dynamic message center (memos).
  • Online help available in the form of video clips.
  • Continuous update of data and system control indicators.
  • Multilingual system.
  • Display formats and preferences by user and by screen can be saved.
  • Date management via dynamic calendar or columns: historic, in progress, planned.
  • Customization of forms (work orders, requisitions, purchase orders, etc.).
  • Versatile processing of search results, historic data, statistics and lists:
    • Customization of display formats
    • Exporting in various formats (PDF, RTF, XLS, TIFF, etc.)
    • Transmission by e-mail and by fax
    • Unlimited browsing of previous search results
    • Ability to duplicate data in all entry screens
    • View reports prior to printing.


Conformity with standards and laws

Whether your organization is required to comply with health, security or environmental standards, Guide Ti provides for complete monitoring of actions to be performed and procedures to be followed.
Guide Ti is programmed to index, document and monitor all changes made to the database. This enables you to maintain a historical record and perform a complete follow-up, while electronic signatures serve as proof that the person who performed the action was authorized to do so.
Following the visit of your auditors, you might have changes to perform in your organization. The monitoring of actions to be taken is easy with batch work order capabilities, and during the follow-up visit you will be able to show with a few clicks of the mouse all the actions that have been taken.