Frequently Asked Questions

Does Guide Ti come with a user manual ?

Yes In addition to a user guide in which all features and functions are described in detail, Guide Ti users can access contextual help directly in the help menus in Guide Ti.

Can Guide Ti assist in decision making ?

Yes You have easy access in seconds to all the data dealing with your assets, personnel and equipment as well as access to your reports and performance indicators — all useful in making informed decisions.

Can Guide Ti have links with our software?

Yes Guide Ti includes a data transfer module, which simplifies export and import links in real time and in batch mode between Guide Ti and all of your accounting system’s applications and even your air ventilation monitoring system, mileage meters and automatic control systems.

Does Guide Ti enable clients to follow-up on subcontracts ?

Whether the work is performed internally or by subcontractors, Guide Ti enables you to monitor the work performed in your organization.

Does Guide Ti enable organizations to conform to the standards used in their particular sector ?

Yes Whether it be health, safety or environmental standards, or financial and management standards, Guide Ti ensures a complete follow-up of actions to be taken, procedures to be followed and proof of conformity via a history of changes to all fields in Guide Ti.

Does Guide Ti offer detailed levels of security ?

Yes Simple user profiles, complete and highly specific, enable Guide Ti clients to configure access by user or group for each field and feature, at one site or at multiples sites simultaneously.

Does Guide Ti permit workflow management ?

Yes With Guide Ti, workflows can be completely automated or can be performed manually. The complete workflow can also be done electronically.

Is Guide Ti a good return on investment ?

Yes In fact Guide Ti is an investment that translates into huge savings! Want to learn more about how Guide Ti can help your organization? Contact a COGEP representative to find out the many ways your organization can benefit from using Guide Ti.

Is Guide Ti easy to install ?

Yes The actual “installation” of Guide Ti is actually performed remotely by our team of specialists in 1 to 3 hours.

Is Guide Ti flexible ?

Oui You can begin with only a few fields or features and because all features are already integrated into Guide Ti, you can simply display and use additional features as the need arises.

Every year COGEP invests heavily in research and development to create new features and enhancements according to our clients’ needs.

Is it possible to efficiently manage our assets with Guide Ti ?

Yes You can make knowledgeable decisions by having all your asset information in a centralized location: technical and economic data, contracts, guarantees and histories.

Is rapid data analysis possible with Guide Ti ?

Yes You can parameterize and filter the display on all data screens in Guide Ti. In addition, data list functions and performance indicators offer almost limitless possibilities for research and analysis in real time.

Can Guide Ti assist in the management of guarantees?

Yes You can see all aspects of a guarantee from a pop-up window from the equipment itself or during work order creation. In addition, you can attach all the pertinent documents.

Can Guide Ti enable my organization to control costs?

Yes Performance indicators, budget follow-ups, project monitoring as well as all the equipment and parts tables, provide you with a record in real time of your organization’s expenses that is always accurate.

Does Guide Ti enable clients to follow-up on subcontracts?

Whether the work is performed internally or by subcontractors, Guide Ti enables you to monitor the work performed in your organization.

Does Guide Ti enable clients to reduce search time ?

Yes Whether you’re searching for a part, a piece of equipment, a work order, a purchase order or any other kind of information in Guide Ti, you can find it using different methods and you can access all the database fields, even those you create specifically for your search.

Does Guide Ti enable users to make use of Favorites ?

Yes Basic navigation methods common to Windows-based products are also available in Guide Ti, simplifying the learning process: the concept of “favorite” features, customizable windows, hyperlinks, automatic memorization of individual parameters, etc.

Does Guide Ti offer Web requests ?

Yes All employees in your organization can have access to a request page to submit service requests, work requests and repair requests.

Is Guide Ti easy to implement ?

Yes Because of the small amount of information required and very simple integrated configuration tools, you can set up and start using Guide Ti in a couple of hours.

Is Guide Ti easy to use ?

Yes Guide Ti has been designed to use standard tools common to Microsoft products. Even users who have little or no experience with computers are able to learn how to use Guide Ti rapidly.

Guide Ti has been designed so that it is easy to configure. Users see on their Guide Ti Dashboard only the information that is relevant to the work they perform.

Is Guide Ti multilingual ?

Yes Guide Ti permits each user to choose his/her preferred interface language from a range of languages.

Does Guide Ti use the most advanced technologies ?

Yes Use of Microsoft’s most powerful programming languages, the Web, bar codes and PDAs enable us to offer you a maintenance, purchasing and inventory management system that is simple and comprehensive.

Is rapid data entry possible with Guide Ti ?

Yes Whether by group importation during implementation or manual entry while using Guide Ti, the product is designed so that you only have to enter the information ONCE and you always have the possibility of modifying the information whenever necessary.

Does Guide Ti save clients time regarding work planning ?

Yes The simplicity and versatility of Guide Ti enable planners to organize their work however they want. Our clients state they have reduced the time spent on planning by 30% to 50% since they adopted Guide Ti.