Metso and COGEP: A successful partnership for the maintenance management of physical assets in the Mining sector


Metso Life-Cycle Services and COGEP Inc. have launched the Metso Maintenance Solution powered by Guide TI,
a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software application.


Metso delivers a broad range of services and solutions, supported by decades of process knowledge and a global footprint of over 90 service centers in more than 50 countries, thousands of service employees, and an extensive logistics network.


COGEP has been serving the mining industry for the past 25 years and provides Guide Ti, an all-in-one maintenance
software tool for the mill and for stationary and mobile equipment that is now part of the Metso Life-Cycle Services offering. The partnership started in 2011 and is now successfully implemented in many countries such as USA, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Chile, Sweden, South Africa and Brazil.

Metso Maintenance Solution is a custom tool to manage the maintenance activities for all LCS contracts. It’s an excellent management and cost control tool, useful for planning both preventive and corrective maintenance.


It is structured to provide detailed control of maintenance activities, manpower and inventory. This solution brings added benefit for KPI analysis and business management. User-friendly, powerful and simple, Metso Maintenance Solution powered by Guide Ti can significantly reduce mine site operating expenses, with a positive impact on equipment lifecycle. You will improve maintenance execution time and be able to do more with the equipment in place, thereby helping you avoid spending millions of dollars on the purchase of new equipment.


COGEP’s knowledge and experience in technology and maintenance process will be more accessible than ever, thanks to Metso’s global footprint and extensive
maintenance planning expertise built into the solution. Fast-track software implementations in a matter of weeks.


Reduce Costs / Increase Productivity / Improve Production Time


With over 25 sites to manage, one of India’s largest road construction companies was looking for an integrated tool to manage their inventory planning and maintenance activities. Metso’s CMMS system from COGEP can be used to manage elements such as parts inventory, maintenance planning, resource allocation and reporting across multiple sites. Watch our video to see the benefits of using this solution.


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