Our Valuable Partners

To offer the best solutions to our clients, we work closely with companies with unique expertise. In conjunction with the use of Guide Ti, their solutions allow our clients to explore other aspects of maintenance management and push the envelope of business intelligence and best practices in maintenance management.

The SIS-M Solution

Complete turnkey machine monitoring solution for your maintenance 4.0:

  1. Wireless industrial sensors that monitor the health of your assets 24/7 (vibration, temperature, amperage, etc.)
  2. Industrial Internet of Things solution to track trends in real-time
  3. Automated predictive analysis with artificial intelligence (3-day prediction up to 45 days notice)
  4. Integration with IT Guide to generate an automatic work order request.

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Ruged tablets for Guite Ti Mobile

As the only tablets developed in a country accustomed to extreme working conditions, Kalliope’s industrial tablets are the perfect answer to workers’ challenges in harsh environments. With their long battery life, unparalleled durability, and affordable price, they are the ideal tool for organizations that want to increase their field workers’ mobility and productivity, whether in industry, defence, telecommunications or natural resources.

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Integration with Guide Ti

Inmind Technologies helps organizations of all sizes reach their full potential by providing solutions for their digital transformation challenges. From optimized management solutions to business intelligence, all their data, all secured on flexible and efficient infrastructures, is considered. With this in mind, Inmind has jointly developed with COGEP an interface between Guide Ti and each of its Microsoft Dynamics ERP platforms. This bridge, which is standardized with a single methodology for all Microsoft Dynamics platforms, allows for the efficient operationalization/automation of business processes between the two solutions and provides added value by avoiding human errors and double entry.

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Integration with Guide Ti

Mibusoft has designed and developed an integration bridge interface between Guide TI and Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This interface allows the exchange of information between Guide Ti and the ERP Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central (on-premises or cloud) at the level of currencies, general ledger accounts, suppliers, dimensions.

Mibusoft’s offer is a software license for this bridge and installation and technical support services. Mibusoft can also offer on-premises Dynamics 365 Business Central licenses or cloud subscription and deployment and support of this ERP, if required.

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Integration with Guide Ti

Mining IT Force specializes in business process optimization and project management in ERP/software implementation for the mining industry.  We, at Mining IT Force, have extensive knowledge of the most popular accounting software.  We carry out joint projects with COGEP for the integrated implementation of financial solutions with Guide Ti.  Our team also works closely with COGEP to create customized interfaces between different solutions and Guide Ti, and act as expert consultants to develop new functionalities.

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Integration with Guide Ti

Poka helps manufacturers improve performance by giving frontline workers the knowledge and tools they need to do their jobs effectively and contribute to continuous improvement. Our application focuses on worker performance and combines digital content, communication, collaboration and skills management capabilities into a single integrated platform, enabling workers to learn, solve problems and share knowledge in real-time on the factory floor. Poka is trusted by digital manufacturing leaders such as Bosch, Kraft, Danone, Mars, Black & Decker and ABB.

The interface between Guide Ti and Poka allows operators and mechanics to create work orders in real-time within Poka, which are then managed with GuideTI. All the content of a news item or call for help, which is used to create the work order, is automatically sent to Guide Ti, making the users’ work much more efficient and fast while avoiding duplication of content creation.

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