Customized support

COGEP offers powerful asset management solutions (CMMS / EAM) for your organization. We know your organization evolves and changes in human resources, needs and goals constantly bring new issues and new challenges.

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With his support team, COGEP offers highly competent people who are also project managers and developers. They are able to know the real answers to your questions.

Here is what is included in support plan:

  • Calls Unlimited service.
  • Includes free updates.
  • Includes free new versions.
  • Support by phone.
  • Email support.
  • rapid response to requests by the possibility of remote connection.
  • support personnel with extensive knowledge of the implementation, development, programming, networks and databases.
  • Contact with an expert from the first support level, no transfer to several people.
  • Quality service by specialists (COGEP has an impeccable reputation with its customers).
  • Access to technical support Web site.
  • Annual user meeting.

Moreover, as long as you have a service contract, COGEP ensure the complete transfer of all data to future releases.