Asset Management – Streamline your asset management with CMMS Guide Ti

– Guide Ti maintenance software helps you manage maintenance throughout the lifecycle of your assets and infrastructure and maximize its service life.

Asset management is the process of acquiring, installing, operating, maintaining, modifying and disposing of physical assets in the most cost-effective manner.

As part of asset management strategies, using a CMMS such as Guide Ti, among other things, helps you manage preventive and corrective maintenance, warranties and the inventory of spare parts.

The goal is to make sure your assets are performing well. Without a defined strategy, you may have a reactive approach to emergencies. Here are some benefits of using the world-class Maintenance Software Guide Ti:

  • Reduce emergencies by promoting more prevention tasks. (Preventive Maintenance – PM)
  • Condition-based maintenance (CBM) by monitoring weak points and deciding on a maintenance task when a certain threshold is reached.
  • Extend the lifecycle of an asset.
  • Identify the cause of a slowdown in production.
  • Manage your human and material resources (assets, tools and parts) better.
  • Keep a maintenance history to anticipate breakdowns.
  • Better understand the effectiveness of equipment through reports and KPIs.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Increase production and profits.
asset management

Guide Ti helps you make sure that the equipment is working well and is available and operational according to the planned production schedule

Guide Ti is an asset maintenance management software with many innovations to improve the productivity of your employees

Here are some unique and innovative features:

  • Quickly access the history of all assets from any level of the tree: work orders, related contracts, maintenance of equipment / assets.
  • Guide Ti lets you have as many tree levels as you want. – Each level can be the equivalent of an asset, and we can add the number of components you want.

Guide Ti helps you manage the maintenance of physical assets

Guide Ti simplifies and optimizes asset management with ease of use, flexibility, and power for asset-related data management.

  • Sort equipment into sub-components
  • Manage the level of criticality of equipment
  • View and consult the asset master record and its components (hierarchical level)
  • Lockout/tagout
  • Attach the list of components (BOM) to an asset
  • Display the preventive schedule of an asset

Guide Ti is a Computerized Maintenance Management Software – CMMS

The CMMS Maintenance Software Guide Ti helps you manage your assetswork ordersplan and schedule both urgent repairs and preventative tasksmanage spare parts procurement and create detailed reports. It helps to manage your maintenance budget and control your expenses.

Guide Ti, our complete CMMS, enables you to:

  • Reduce planner / Technician ratio
  • Integrate CBM results in your CMMS
  • Improve Wrench Time
  • Get Real Time Precise Data
  • Optimize Uptime
  • Do More with Fewer Resources
  • Co-ordinate with Other Department
  • Co-ordinate Many Teams and Trades

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