Control maintenance costs


Guide Ti helps to manage maintenance budget and control your expenses thanks to several modules.


One of the great benefits of using Guide Ti is to control maintenance costs of your equipment, facilities and vehicles fleet.


The day-to-day use of many features of the Corrective and Preventative Maintenance management module helps you to control budget


  • Time worked by components
  • Consumption of parts


  • Direct charges
  • Follow-up of subcontractors and contractors


  • Cost tracking by project (grouping work orders on the same project)
  • Cumulative costs on all levels of your equipment with multiple choice of criteria, sorting, and summary


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The day-to-day use of many features of the Dynamic Dashboard helps you monitor cost control indicators


  • Cost versus budget
  • Costs by asset versus budget


  • Prevention costs versus total cost
  • Maintenance costs per unit


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Guide Ti our complete CMMS, enables you to:


  • Reduce Planner / Technicians Ratio
  • Integrate CBM results in your CMMS
  • Improve Wrench Time


  • Get Real Time Precise Data
  • Optimize Uptime
  • Do More With Fewer Resources


  • Co-ordinate With Other Departments
  • Co-ordinate Many Teams and Trades


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