Guide Ti : Worry-Free Startup

With over 25 years of experience implementing (CMMS/EAM) asset management software, including maintenance, purchasing and inventory management, COGEP has the experience necessary to handle all types of implementation situations in any field of activity.

Guide Ti is a solution that is quickly and easily installed, and our expertise guarantees that your implementation will be successful. We also work in cooperation with well-trained partners, who use the same proven methods of implementation.

Our CMMS/EAM project is up and running in no time, and all the methods developed by COGEP produce concrete results in just a few days or weeks. One of the great strengths of Guide Ti is its ability to truly adapt to your purchasing, inventory management and maintenance processes. During a quick startup, we do not change your work processes, we adapt Guide TI to your methods. Afterwards, when you take the reins, you can begin to fine tune operations. The combination of gradual implementation and training allows you to take control of all the elements to ensure complete success.

So you can plan your budget effectively, COGEP provides you with the true number of hours necessary to ensure the implementation project’s success. Our years of experience ensure that we make an accurate assessment. We never underestimate this important component. Our assessments are accurate so you’ll be able to stay within budget and avoid unwanted surprises.

The “little steps” approach

In addition to fast easy data entry, the method of implementing our system in your business is quite simple; we refer to it as the “Little Steps” approach. This way, we ensure that your entire team integrates an initial component, an initial control phase perfectly, before moving on to the next step.

By proceeding with a step-by-step approach, we favour a process of continuous improvement that adapts to each customer. It’s reliable and efficient! Based on this approach, the system is completly operational in just a few weeks time. When it comes to product development, it’s a success story without end because Guide Ti improves with use and when you sign up for a service contract you receive new updates.

Once training is complete, customers have access to unlimited technical support calls for any software-related matter. It’s also possible to improve our software’s power or you can buy add-on software at competitive prices.

A typical implementation

Because Guide Ti is so easy to install and implement, you can focus on elements that generate real advantages. An implementation involves the following steps:

  1. Implementation meeting
  2. Software installation
  3. Initial analysis
  4. List of assets and entry of basic information
  5. Role and responsibilities of employees
  6. Implementation of maintenance management and training
    (-At this point, the solution can be started up)
  7. Implementation of management of purchases – inventory and training
    (-At this point, the solution can be started up)
  8. Set up of performance indicators
  9. Startup of Guide Ti solution

Data recovery and/or conversion

Our services include recovery of current data from your maintenance system or information files, using routines that quickly integrate information into our database. The flexibility of our SQL database ensures adaptability for specific use and the databse is extremely user-friendly for future data handling needs.

More than just installing software

Based on the “Little Steps” approach, our project manager works in cooperation with the heads or committees of your organization. We ensure that you will be in total control of the process.

  • Employees are involved and consulted at each phase of the implementation process.
  • Based on your needs, we conduct a structured follow-up with employees who enter data.
  • We can also transfer data from your current system, Excel spreadsheets or databases.
  • COGEP participates in preparing work methods and procedures.
  • We supervise each phase of documentation.

This approach allows the leeway necessary to incorporate certain requests or work processes specific to your organization.