Software Implementation

COGEP offers a very dynamic and functional approach tailored to the customer for the implementation of maintenance management systems. Our becoming aware of the situation and identification of needs and goals allows us to define the various structures of information related to all data that will ensure effective implementation.

Our type of flexible implementation ensures a reliable long-term maintenance system adapting to the dynamic development of business processes and new technologies. The method of “Small Steps” was developed by COGEP to start the project CMMS / EAM very quickly and get tangible results within weeks or even days.

Recovery and/or conversion of your data

Our services include the recovery of current data on your maintenance system or your information files by using the routines that allow to quickly integrate your information in our database. The flexibility of our SQL database ensures flexibility and great usability for future treatment.


Being implemented or afterward, the COGEP specialists help you understand the use of Guide Ti. Given the proven ease of use of Guide Ti, after only a few hours, you will be among others at ease making yourself work orders, research rooms, implement a preventive program and use performance indicators.

Integration with enterprise information systems

COGEP has a team of specialists in managing and implementing interactive systems of reading and data transfer between your Guide Ti and financial system (ERP) or production system. Recovery of data from PLC systems, measuring instruments, board computers or other account levels of expertise that we also have in our company. The main benefit of integration with these various systems is significant time savings due to the elimination of duplication of data entries. The availability of real-time information is also critical for many industries.

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