More than a work order management system – Guide Ti is an advanced tool for managing corrective and preventive tasks

-Efficiently manage planned PM work orders, emergencies, and maintenance projects.

No other maintenance software or work order management system makes it so easy and simple to create, edit, and close work orders.

Guide IT offers much more than just managing work orders. It is a complete CMMS that allows you to manage detailed maintenance business processes. The many fields available, and their user-friendliness, allow you to enter information quickly and accurately to better document the tasks to be performed.

Thanks to the maintenance software developed by Cogep, you will be able to:

  1. Decrease production downtime (click to learn more)
  2. Better control your costs (click to learn more)
  3. Take control of your corrective maintenance activities and improvement projects
  4. Monitor in real-time the situation during emergencies and downtime (MTBF, MTTR, hours worked, cost tracking, frequency of breakage, trend, repetitive problems, monitoring of components and subcomponents, etc.)

Cogep’s work order management system helps you keep control of your maintenance tasks

Innovations and advanced functionality in our work order management system create a positive impact on operations. Guide Ti is at the forefront of management of corrective and preventive maintenance tasks

  • Better track your maintenance tasks with the many fields available in the work order.
  • Customizing the input form is easy to set up and saves a lot of time.
  • Customize the form for each department and each user profile.
  • In addition to describing the task to be performed and information about the assets involved, Guide Ti lets you categorize your WOs for easy sorting, analysis, reporting, and performance indicators.
  • Use alarm management and notification tools to make your processes faster and more robust and reliable.
  • Use Guide Ti provides you with a complementary tool compatible with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.
  • Our automated business processes and the use of our Automated Emergency Call Service provide real-time monitoring of the state of your business.

Better WO management with unique features in Guide Ti

The power and management capacity of work orders in Guide Ti is one of the differentiating elements of our CMMS compared to other solutions available on the market. Here are some features:

  • The work order entry form is customizable for each department and user profile.
  • Create emergency repairs from your monitoring tools and our web service.
  • Create service requests through our Guide Ti web application (HTML5); configure the fields to use, the required fields, the order of entry, etc.
  • Optimize user experience with drop-down menus, check boxes, multiple selection, and dates available in a calendar.
  • Review and quickly select equipment.
  • Use templates to facilitate the registration of emergencies and accompany the user.
  • Calculate priority according to different parameters such as: criticality of the equipment and level of risk (environment, safety, machine stoppage, evaluation of the applicant, etc.).
  • Automate shipments via notification or alarms to the troubleshooting team.
  • Supervisor alarm if the urgent request does not get a response after a time limit.
  • Automatic update of the emergency table as soon as the task is taken care of.
  • Time stamp.
  • Calculation of machine downtime.
  • Real-time indicator function of equipment currently under repair.
  • When the work order closes, Guide Ti displays stop time by a simple classification allowing a quick analysis of trends.
  • Automated countermeasure processing generation (reliability) for machine shutdowns longer than a set time limit.
  • Monitoring countermeasure elements.
  • Transfer of uncompleted work to the next shift.
  • Preparation of meetings for shift change.

The unparalleled management of work orders in the CMMS Guide Ti helps you be even more productive and effective in managing maintenance within your company

  • Management of business lines
  • Levels of confidentiality
  • Recovery and history of tasks on work orders
  • Work order tracking – corrective maintenance
  • WO business process
  • Quick and simplified list of WO status

Other advanced management activities

  • Accounting for expenses
  • Follow-up of the causes related to each problem or stop of production of the equipment
  • Authorization requests and notification settings.
  • Manage WO more efficiently with the many fields available for fast and standardized data entry!

Guide Ti is a Computerized Maintenance Management Software – CMMS

The CMMS Maintenance Software Guide Ti helps you manage your assetswork ordersplan and schedule both urgent repairs and preventative tasksmanage spare parts procurement and create detailed reports. It helps to manage your maintenance budget and control your expenses.

Guide Ti, our complete CMMS, enables you to:

  • Reduce planner / Technician ratio
  • Integrate CBM results in your CMMS
  • Improve Wrench Time
  • Get Real Time Precise Data
  • Optimize Uptime
  • Do More with Fewer Resources
  • Co-ordinate with Other Department
  • Co-ordinate Many Teams and Trades

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