Reduce equipment downtime

One of the great benefits of using Guide Ti is process optimization that reduces machine downtime.

The day-to-day use of many features of the Corrective and Preventative Maintenance management module helps you to reduce equipment downtime.

  • Use priority emergency resources for the company (according to automated calculations of priorities based on your criteria)
  • Follow in real-time the evolution of tasks and the situation in each department


  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information on equipment and replacement parts
  • Facilitate recognition of repetitive breakage (on equipment, components and subcomponents)


  • Integrate reliability management concepts with the implementation of countermeasures
  • Calculate automated machine downtime via your work orders
  • Generate emergency reports via Guide Ti alarm service


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Guide Ti, our complete CMMS, enables you to:


  • Increase Planner / Technician Ratio
  • Integrate CBM strategies in your CMMS
  • Improve Wrench Time


  • Get Real Time Precise Data
  • Optimize Uptime
  • Do More With Fewer Resources


  • Co-ordinate With Other Departments
  • Co-ordinate Many Teams and Trades


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