Cogep and Guide Ti – Maintenance Software Management Solution

COGEP has been a leader in Computerized Maintenance Management Systems for 30 years thanks to Guide Ti, a powerful, world-class CMMS / EAM (Enterprise Asset Management System) and procurement management software.

Guide Ti is a maintenance software management solution that helps maintenance staff plan and facilitate rapid interventions to prevent equipment failures and downtime. With Guide Ti you can organize and control preventive maintenance activities involving strategic assets such as equipment, vehicles and facilities.

COGEP continuously improves Guide Ti based on customer feedback and our visionary understanding of maintenance process best practices. This is possible thanks to our team of engineers, technicians, developers, UX graphics specialists, and managers. Among the team’s priorities are ease of use and quick implementation

Significant benefits when using an asset management system

Guide Ti is an Asset Management System that can:

  • Increase production and equipment reliability
  • Optimize inventories
  • Shorten delivery periods for parts
  • Lower transportation costs

Guide Ti also reduces unit cost per ton, optimizes return on assets and improve safety.

With great advice, advanced technology and unparallelled customer support, we can make a positive impact on your business process and bottom line.

A world-class preventive maintenance solution

A wide range of customers use COGEP’s innovative technology to improve their processes and their profits:

  • Production equipment: mines, steel, pulp and paper plants; saw mills; agri-food sector operations, manufacturers, water and waste treatment plants, and petrochemical plants.
  • Building sector: government and municipal buildings, private buildings, shopping centres, office buildings, and hospitals.
  • Transportation: truck, bus, or taxi fleets; train networks; municipal service vehicles; and specialized heavy equipment.
  • Technological equipment: computing equipment, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, and production automation.

We serve customers in these countries: Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Suriname, Puerto Rico, Russia, Sweden, Finland, India, Mali, Burkina Faso, South Africa.