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[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” border_style=”” thickness=”6″][vc_column_text]Guide Ti is a maintenance management software that allows you to manage all maintenance tasks related to your company’s assets, such as work order management, planning and scheduling maintenance activities, spare parts procurement and inventory management, and equipment warranties.
Guide Ti is an advanced CMMS solution, powerful and very easy to use. These two characteristics set this CMMS apart from the competition. Guide Ti also stands out for the accessibility of relevant information. Guide Ti displays resource availability and assignment of resources during work order creation and planning. Resources can be internal/external human resources, physical assets and lists of components.

Some Guide Ti maintenance software functionality


Assets Management

This complete CMMS solution helps organizations manage a significant number of physical assets that could be located in various remote sites. Guide Ti centralizes information so all maintenance team members can find information quickly and be more efficient. Moreover, each asset can be detailed down to the nuts and bolts for advanced analytics and management.

Maintenance Manager Challenges / Guide Ti Features

Guide Ti has powerful features that let you meet maintenance managers’ challenges. Click on the challenges below to discover how Guide Ti will handle it and give you more time for long term maintenance projects, so you can get your technicians more productive.

CMMS Software Impacts on Productivity and Cost Reduction

95% of our clients agree that entering data into Guide Ti is faster and easier than with any other CMMS software.
With its advanced database structure and Smart Complete, Guide Ti can automatically populate many fields. At any time, you can configure links between individuals, tasks and services in your users’ profiles.

Planning tools and advanced search in computerized maintenance management software
Guide Ti’s planning and advanced search tools can translate into a 20% improvement in employee productivity and save at least 50% of the time foremen and planners typically devote to planning activities.

Electronic business processes
Clients see improvements of 50% in service times thanks to our electronic business processes.
Guide Ti combines powerful business processes with electronic approval, redirection and e-mail notification.
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