How to optimize reliability

through better planning and scheduling

Michel Fournier, CEO of COGEP Inc., presented at the SMRP Annual Conference a vision of how companies can improve their equipment reliability through better planning and scheduling. You can now enjoy reading a summary of that presentation by clicking on the link below:

How to Optimize Reliability Through Better Planning and Scheduling by Michel Fournier


About Guide Ti’s CMMS from COGEP inc.

Guide Ti is a physical assets maintenance management software. It is a complete solution for the maintenance manager, no matter what industry and sector you are in. This computerized maintenance management software manages work orders, scheduling and planning, and controls the budget, among other maintenance tasks. COGEP has been developing and refining Guide Ti for 30 years. It is still evolving and over the years it has become the most advanced CMMS software available in the US and Canada.
With its numerous features and remarkable technological innovations, Guide Ti is the leading asset and maintenance management solution on the market. From its dynamic grid structure to its drag-and-drop features, Guide Ti is far ahead of the competition.

Maintenance Manager Challenges / Guide Ti Features

Guide Ti has powerful features that let you meet maintenance managers’ challenges. Click on the challenges below to discover how Guide Ti will handle it and give you more time for long term maintenance projects, so you can get your technicians more productive.


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