With Guide Ti, organizations increase the reliability of their supply chain, improve employee productivity and optimize their inventory management.

In addition to ensuring compliance with the standards and laws that regulate a client’s industry, Guide Ti monitors service contracts, guarantees and licenses efficiently and ensures that important information reaches the right people resulting in better business decisions.


The most powerful maintenance management software

With its numerous features and remarkable technological innovations, Guide Ti is the leading asset and maintenance management solution on the market.

From its dynamic grid structure to its drag-and-drop features, Guide Ti is far ahead of the competition.

Guide Ti is simple to use and, with Smart LinkMC features, simple to learn.


95% of our clients agree that entering data into Guide Ti is faster and easier than with any other CMMS software.

With it advanced database structure and Smart Complete TM, Guide Ti can automatically populate a number of fields. At any time, you can configure links between individuals, tasks and services in users’ profiles.

Planning tools and advanced search

Guide Ti’s planning and advanced search tools can translate into a 20% improvement in employee productivity and save at least 50% of the time foremen and planners typically devote to planning activities.

This module offers an unrivaled planning management tool, simple and powerful: identification of multiple time slots, unlimited resource designations, workload management, resource availability, resource booking, and access to all database fields with a simple click of the mouse.

This has a very significant impact on service times.


Electronic business processes

Clients see improvements of 50% in service times thanks to our electronic business processes.

Guide Ti combines powerful business processes with electronic approval, redirection and e-mail notification.


Integrated bar code module

Complete management of your inventories, tools and reparable parts.

Creation, closing and sending of work orders from your portable computer.

Traceability of changes made to the database

Guide Ti is programmed to index and track all changes to the database. You can therefore maintain a complete historical record while electronic signatures serve as proof that the person who performed the action was authorized to do so. Its tracing tool is built to support SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley), ISO, HACCP and other standards and regulation compliance.


Reports in less than 10 seconds

Compile, analyze, maintain and interpret information rapidly and efficiently with Guide Ti. Integrated dynamic grids are available for most any data and can be modified and customized at any time by the end user. The flexibility of our calculation tool provides limitless possibilities for creating customized reports with a simple click of the mouse.


Replication technology

Replication technology allows an organization’s remote sites to use data on a local server while the head office (situated elsewhere) can access the same data simultaneously via its server.


Intuitive access to real-time data on your computer or Tablet PC

Have access to real-time information:

  • Economic data regarding life cycle-Technical data
  • Unlimited meter follow up (hours, idle, time, fuel burned, km etc.)
  • Component movement history
  • Bill of material by equipment sections
  • Attached files


Warranty Management

You can manage the warranty of all equipment, components and contractor repairs. The feature Business process for warranties allows you to follow up on and look for expired warranties.