Why use Guide Ti ?

Guide Ti’s planning and advanced search tools result in a 20% increase in worker productivity by providing rapid access to your data.


20% increase in worker productivity

COGEP offers powerful, easy-to-use solutions for SMEs and large organizations. Its Guide Ti software solution enables you to reduce your maintenance costs, and improve productivity and efficiency in your organization.

“For the past 17 years, Guide Ti has contributed to the efficiency improvements in our maintenance department.
Believe me—it works!”

– David Aubin, Maintenance Director at BRP

50% reduction in planning time

Look up worker and part availability as well as task assignments, all in real time and without limits.

“Since we’ve been using Guide Ti, we’ve reduced our procurement order errors by more than 95% and we’ve halved the time required to prepare those orders.”
– Viola Stewart, Breakwater Resources


50% reduction in procurement lead time

Keep informed of electronic approvals with Web applications or your smartphone and redirect information and notifications immediately.

“I’d recommend Guide Ti for any company that is seeking efficient monitoring of its equipment and purchases.”
– Marie Gagnon, Buyer, Tarkett
Guide Ti is a solution that incorporates all the features necessary for you to manage your physical asset maintenance.