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COGEP wishes you Happy Holidays!

Data Integration and Developers

From left to right, from behind to the front:

Dominic Faucher, Vincent Hamel, Steve Gouin, Jean-François Lamonde, Jonathan Clément, Danie Bertrand, Dany Daigle

Shantie Sukhdeo, Matieu Michaud, Billy Francoeur, Richard Larouche (associate)

Marie Christine Ouimet, Nathan Béchard, Pierre Pelletier, Patrick Tremblay

Customer Service

From left to right: Jean-Francois Tremblay, Jean-Francois Lehmann, Christian Côté, Sylvain Morin, Louis Béchard (associate), Etienne Lessard.

Project Managers

From left to right, from behind to the front:

Francois Rancourt (associate), Richard Cayer, Denis Voyer, Gilles St-Laurent, Louis Perrault, David Leduc

Hiba Yahia, Marie-Josée Paquet, Jonathan Caron, Johan Hoarau, Juvenal Koussou-Koucoi (absent from the photo: Myles Liversidge)

Sales and Administration

From left to right: Michel Fournier (CEO et associate), Eric Van Hove, Nathalie Dufour, Joane Ross, Tatjana Maric, Jonathan Thibault, Cynthia Cliryx